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Category: Currents in Music

Yuja Wang

2024 Grammy Awards Shine Spotlight on Classical Music’s Best

The 2024 Grammy Awards were a spectacle of classical music’s rich diversity, spotlighting both revered traditions and fresh talents. With awards spanning from orchestral performances to solo vocal albums, the event showcased the genre’s vibrant present and promising future.

A Musical Start to 2024: Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year’s Concert

Get ready to ring in 2024 with the Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year’s Concert, a dazzling musical celebration under the baton of the renowned Christian Thielemann. It’s a blend of tradition, talent, and timeless compositions, set to take place in the illustrious Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein.

Violin Concerto

Young Virtuosos Shine at Budapest’s Hubay Jenő Violin Competition

Every year, Budapest becomes a hub for young violinists under 22, showcasing their talent at the prestigious Hubay Jenő International Violin Competition. This event, initiated by renowned violinists Barnabás Kelemen and Katalin Kokas, draws participants from neighboring countries and the Visegrád Group.