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Category: Currents in Music

Tomáš Netopil

Tomáš Netopil Takes Baton at Prague Symphony Orchestra

Prague Symphony Orchestra (PSO) welcomes a new Chief Conductor, Tomáš Netopil, who is set to assume the prestigious position with the commencement of the 2025/26 season, succeeding Tomáš Brauner. This transition symbolizes not just a change in leadership but also a renewed promise of musical excellence and cultural richness.

Sebastian Heindl

Sebastian Heindl: Melding Organ, Film, and Pure Magic

Experience the magic as the phenomenal Sebastian Heindl makes the organ sing! Dive deep into a mesmerizing mix of silent film and spellbinding improvisation, all in a night you won’t forget.

Anatol Ugorski

Anatol Ugorski, The Piano Prodigy, Dies at 80.

Once stifled by Soviet constraints, the genius of Anatol Ugorski later echoed in Berlin’s streets and beyond. This isn’t just the story of a pianist; it’s the symphony of resilience and raw talent.

London International Festival of Early Music

Celebrating 50 Years of the London International Festival of Early Music

Southeast London is once again set to host the vibrant London International Festival of Early Music. Celebrating its golden 50th edition this November, the festival promises performances, workshops, and a glimpse into the rich world of early musical instruments.