Diving into “Glass Art NOW!”: Hungarian Glass Art Takes the Spotlight in Venice

Hungarian Glass Art in Venice

Venture into the mesmerizing world of Hungarian glass artistry as Venice’s Ateneo Veneto becomes a kaleidoscope of history and innovation from September 2-15.

The illustrious corridors of Ateneo Veneto in Venice will soon gleam with reflections of Hungarian history and craftsmanship. Coming up this September, as a gleaming facet of the 7th Venice Glass Week international festival, is the “Glass Art NOW!” exhibition. It promises to be an immersive journey spanning almost a century of Hungarian glass artistry.

A Journey Through Time

“Glass Art NOW!” promises to be a guided tour through the milestones of Hungarian glass art. While many pieces rewind the hands of time, offering glimpses into Hungary’s illustrious history, about forty present-day Hungarian glass virtuosos are also slated to present their masterpieces. From stalwarts of the glass industry to emerging stars, the diversity promises a feast for the eyes.

But this isn’t just a showcase; it’s a tale told in glass. Taking visitors on a historical trip through the Carpathian Basin, the exhibits will bridge the time from Roman excavations to today. This rich tapestry is woven in association with the Bohus-Lugossy Foundation’s enlightening research project dubbed “A Thousand Years of Hungarian Glass.” To make the narrative more captivating, the curators have channelled the glass history into four thematic streams, named after cities that have played pivotal roles: Rome, Venice, Veszprém, and Salgótarján. As an interactive element, QR codes stationed next to the thematic showcases allow visitors to dive into short stories, available in both Italian and English. Meanwhile, avid historians or simply the more curious can plunge deeper into these tales via the exhibition’s online portal.

Gergely Péter Lendvai: Alligator guard.
Gergely Péter Lendvai: Alligator guard. Photo via Facebook/Glass Art NOW

Masters Behind the Masterpieces

But who are the minds behind this grand narrative? András B. Szilágyi, a renowned art historian and assistant professor at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, teamed up with Szonja Dohnál, the art historian and deputy director of the House of Arts in Veszprém, to handpick these evocative pieces. Their combined efforts sourced artefacts from both museums and private enthusiasts across Hungary.

Photo via Facebook/Glass Art NOW
Márta Edőcs: Focus. Photo via Facebook/Glass Art NOW

Bridging Art and Architecture

In a contemporary twist, the showcase has also made room for fresh, innovative creations. Approximately forty artists contributed to this modern section, with ten crafting entirely new masterpieces exclusively for Venice’s viewing pleasure. And, for those who appreciate architecture, the 2023 Venice Architecture Biennale intertwines with “Glass Art NOW!” to present an architectural marvel – a 1:100 scale model of the futuristic European Museum of Contemporary Glass Art, known as the Space Spiral.

To cap it off, Palazzo Loredan, the beating heart of The Venice Glass Week, will also be bejewelled with creations by twenty global glass artists. Amongst them are five luminaries from Hungary, presented in a beautiful collaboration with the Bohus-Lugossy Foundation.



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