London’s Latest Artistic Guest: Banksy’s Valentine’s Day Mascara

Banksy Valentine’s Day Mascara

The London streets just got a bit more intriguing! Banksy’s masterpiece, Valentine’s Day Mascara, recently made a grand crane-assisted entrance into a fresh London exhibition, and it’s causing quite the buzz!

Banksy’s Mural Takes a Leap

The iconic Valentine’s Day Mascara, which first added charm to a Margate house wall on Valentine’s Day, has finally settled in London. With a staggering weight of 3.8 tonnes, this colossal mural showcases Banksy’s classic stroke. Its next pit-stop? The Dreamland amusement park in Margate, where it greeted countless fans.

A Portrait That Tells a Story

This mural isn’t just hefty in weight but also in meaning. It paints the tale of a 1950s housewife, complete with an apron, yellow gloves, a swollen eye, and a missing tooth. Her fiery spirit shines as she throws a man into a freezer. The evocative image is an eye-opener on domestic abuse.

Investing in Art, Piece by Piece

In a fresh twist, Banksy fans had the chance to own a share of this masterpiece. Priced at £120, 27,000 shares of this artwork floated in the Showpiece marketplace. And guess what? Valentine’s Day Mascara can now be admired in the heart of London! Settling in Regent Street’s The Art of Banksy exhibition, it awaits visitors for a free viewing.

Michel Boersma, the curator, shared the behind-the-scenes excitement, “Having this masterpiece hovering above Regent Street was nail-biting! We’re thrilled to showcase it, especially since its roots lie in street art.” Not just that, the exhibition proudly collaborates with domestic violence support charities, championing a noble cause.

More than Just One Artwork

While Valentine’s Day Mascara steals the show, the exhibit teems with over 150 of Banksy’s gems. From his elusive Mona Lisa to the original Flower Thrower, each piece has a story that predates its fame. Notably, the exhibition isn’t a Banksy-endorsed one but showcases his transformative artworks.

Starting at a pocket-friendly £17.50, art enthusiasts can step into the realm of Banksy from Wednesday. After wowing 1.5 million folks across 15 cities, The Art of Banksy finally graces the streets of London.



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