The Minories Gallery: A Fresh Chapter in Colchester’s Art Scene

the minories gallery colchester

A cherished art institution in Colchester, The Minories Gallery, opens its doors once again after a pause of three years, adding renewed vibrancy to the city’s cultural canvas.

The Awaited Return

Having taken a hiatus since 2020 due to the economic implications of the global pandemic, The Minories, located on High Street, marked its grand return this August, showcasing a brand-new exhibit.

An Outpour of Affection

The gallery’s grand opening saw an overwhelming response, drawing over 150 art enthusiasts keen on witnessing the gallery’s first major event post its reopening. Established in 1956, The Minories’ comeback has certainly amplified the buzz around Colchester’s art pulse. Now, with two notable galleries – Firstsite and The Minories – almost neighboring each other in the heart of the city, Colchester promises a double treat for art aficionados.

Gallery director, Emma Howe, expressed her delight, remarking, “Seeing The Minories bustle with life again and hearing cherished stories from visitors about the gallery and its gardens was heartwarming. The outpouring of love and support from the community is truly touching, and I’m privileged to be part of its next chapter.”

Supporting the Cause

A special fundraising event is lined up this Saturday at The Minories, aiming to gather resources for the refurbishment of its much-loved café. The funds will help in updating the kitchen, the café spaces, and in acquiring essential new gear.

Upcoming Attractions

Currently, the gallery is hosting the exhibit, “Michael Rothenstein: Exploding the Boundaries,” which remains open for public viewing until September 24. Additionally, an upcoming showcase highlighting the rich pool of regional artists is slated to open on September 30. For those keen on diving deeper into the gallery’s offerings, details about timings, exhibitions, and the fundraising event (that promises both a raffle and live DJ) are available at

A Glimpse into History

Owned by the Victor Batte-Lay Foundation, the gallery honors Colchester-born art enthusiast Clarence Victor Batte-Lay. Upon his passing in 1935, Clarence’s collection of exquisite paintings and furniture found its home with his wife, Margaret. She wished for these masterpieces to be displayed for the people of Colchester, enriching their cultural experiences.



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