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Bridging Classical and Modern in Romania’s Diverse Spaces


Embracing a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, Radio Romania Muzical is re-launching its acclaimed program, “Listen to Five Minutes of Classical Music,” in various unconventional venues and schools throughout Romania this October.

Musical Revival in Modern Spaces

In an attempt to enthrall public senses, classical music will reverberate in a myriad of unconventional locales such as hypermarkets, malls, bookstores, museums, and corporate headquarters, offering audiences a chance to rediscover timeless pieces.

The melodies, predominantly performed by Romanian virtuosos, are primarily selections from recent sessions of the National Radio Orchestra and the Radio Chamber Orchestra, bestowing upon the audience a taste of refined, local talent.

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Educational Harmony

Starting October 2, this auditory journey extends to schools around the country. Students are offered a weekly glimpse into the world of classical music, exploring two pieces and gaining insight into the life and work of composers and musicians involved.

To facilitate this musical exploration, teachers, assisted by specific coordinators, can access the music pieces through a dedicated platform, enriching the educational experience. During the academic year 2022-2023, the program witnessed participation from approximately 220,000 pupils across Bucharest and 30 other counties, underscoring the widespread appeal and impact of the initiative.

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