Free Classical Concerts for Liverpool’s Students

Domingo Hindo

In an ambitious move to elevate musical understanding and appreciation among the youth, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra is extending an offer to secondary schools, granting students access to renowned classical concerts at the city’s eminent Philharmonic Hall, absolutely free of charge.

A Harmonious Education

Liverpool’s youth are receiving a unique opportunity to experience the invigorating realm of live classical music. The city’s esteemed Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, led by Chief Conductor Domingo Hindoyan, is making this cultural immersion possible.

Sparking Passion Through Performance

Selected with educational alignment in mind, each concert resonates with elements from the main GCSE and A-Level curriculum boards. This harmonious initiative supports both students and teachers in deepening their musical knowledge, striving to ignite enduring passions for music and fostering personal and academic growth.

“These live performances can be deeply inspiring,” says Peter Garden, the Executive Director Performance and Learning. “We are dedicated to making classical music accessible, aiming to inspire the next wave of music aficionados and granting students enriching cultural experiences.”

Concert Highlights:

  • Brahms’ Double Concerto (23rd November 2023): Featuring Simone Lamsma and Victor Julien-Laferrière, conducted by Domingo Hindoyan.
  • Mozart’s Birthday Celebration (27th January 2024): Cormac Henry and Elizabeth McNulty star, with Nil Venditti conducting a playful Symphony No.29 and the majestic Jupiter symphony.
  • Free But Happy (21st March 2024): Showcasing Arabella Steinbacher in Prokofiev’s Violin Concerto No.2.
  • Symphonie Fantastique (20th April 2024): Ariane Matiakh’s Liverpool debut with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir.

Accessible Musical Enlightenment

This laudable venture is not confined to any one school. It embraces all secondary schools in the Liverpool City Region. Reflecting on the successful trial from the previous year, teachers acknowledged the profoundly positive influence of these musical visits on their students.

Beyond the concert hall, students can also explore other enriching locales in the city, like the Royal Liver Building and the World Museum, further widening their cultural horizons.



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