NY Phil’s Musical Journey with Blockbusters: 2023-2024 Highlights

Ready for a musical rollercoaster with the iconic films you love? The NY Phil’s “The Art of the Score” series is set to dazzle audiences from September 2023 to May 2024, featuring hits like “Black Panther” and “E.T.”!

Symphonies of Cinema

Remember the times when movie nights were just popcorn and visuals? Imagine that with a live orchestra breathing life into the film’s soundtrack! The New York Philharmonic introduced us to this mesmerizing experience in 2013 with their “Art of the Score” series, spotlighting the symphonies of cinema.

Celebrating its 10th year in style, the 2023/24 lineup showcases six eclectic films. Expect a vibrant mix – from German Expressionism to heart-pounding action-adventures. Here’s the kicker – five of these will have their soundtracks performed live for the first time in the Big Apple. Mark your calendars, as the Wu Tsai Theater at David Geffen Hall will be THE place to be.

Kicking things off on September 12-14 & 17, 2023, David Newman waves his magic baton over the NY Phil, presenting Leonard Bernstein’s melodies from the 2021 reboot of “West Side Story“. Did you know Newman arranged the music? What’s more, this will be NY Phil’s first live performance of this score since its recording back in January 2020.

December brings a treat for Marvel fans. Between 20th–23rd, Anthony Parnther graces the stage, conducting Ludwig Göransson’s heart-stopping score for “Black Panther”. Massamba Diop, the original tama player from the film’s OST, will also be making his NY Phil debut.

More in 2024

The classics haven’t been forgotten. January 23–26, 2024, sees Norman Huynh lead the orchestra with Bernard Herrmann’s score for Hitchcock’s “Vertigo“. Then, on January 28, spotlight shines on Terence Blanchard’s scores. Think “Jungle Fever”, “Malcolm X”, and more, with Blanchard himself on the trumpet.

February 6, 2024, promises a unique experience. Cameron Carpenter showcases his original score for the silent masterpiece “Metropolis“, on the freshly minted Ronnie and Lawrence Ackman Digital Organ.

Lastly, circle May 17–19, 2024. Under Constantine Kitsopoulos’s guidance, NY Phil revisits John Williams’s heartwarming score for “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial“. If you missed their 2017 performance, now’s your chance!



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