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Orchestre Ostinato Ushers in Collaborative Leadership

Orchestre Ostinato

Orchestre Ostinato, France’s prestigious young musician training orchestra, introduces a fresh twist to its leadership with a team of five renowned professionals at the helm.

An Evolution in Leadership

Orchestre Ostinato, celebrated as a nurturing ground for musicians between the ages of 18 and 25, takes an innovative step forward. Breaking the convention of a single Artistic Director, the orchestra welcomes a unique collective of five luminaries: Jean-François Heisser, Chloé Dufresne, Julien Leroy, Anne Gastinel, and Pierre Fouchenneret.

Roots and Aims

Birthed in 1997 under the vision of Jean-Luc Tingaud, Gilles Demonet, and inspired by Manuel Rosenthal, Orchestre Ostinato stands as a beacon for 80 budding talents. The orchestra, responsible for 20-30 annual concerts, ardently preps these musicians for their eminent careers in professional orchestras.

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With its shift to a leadership collective, there’s a keen intention to diversify their work. Ranging from baroque to contemporary tunes, ensuring inclusivity of opera, chamber music, concerti, and more in their offerings.

Meet the Collective

Jean-François Heisser: This accomplished pianist and conductor is renowned as the Musical Director of the Orchestre de Chambre Nouvelle Aquitaine and the brilliant mind behind the Ravel Festival.

Chloé Dufresne: An alumni of the eminent Sibelius Academy, Chloé is recognized for winning awards like Malko and Besançon. Today, she assists Gustavo Dudamel at the LA Philharmonic.

Julien Leroy: Starting as the assistant conductor of Ensemble Intercontemporain, Julien now leads the United Instruments of Lucilin with finesse.

Anne Gastinel: A cellist par excellence, Anne has collaborated with music giants like Yehudi Menuhin. A recipient of the esteemed Victoire de la Musique award, she mentors at the CNSMD in Lyon.

Pierre Fouchenneret: A violinist with over twenty recordings, Pierre often graces the stage as a soloist for leading global orchestras. His notable work includes founding Quatuor Strada in 2013.

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