Seohyun Kim Triumphs at 2023 Tibor Varga Violin Competition

Seohyun Kim wins 2023 Tibor Varga Violin Competition

Youthful talent and seasoned artistry dazzled at the 2023 Tibor Varga International Violin Competition. Let’s rewind and relive the showstoppers!

Unveiling the Violin Virtuosos

Stepping into the limelight in Sion, Switzerland, the International Tibor Varga Violin Competition wrapped up this past weekend. Tuned in via live streaming on The Violin Channel, viewers were treated to a spectacle, as three top-notch finalists took the stage, accompanied by the Lithuanian Chambre Orchestra and maestro Sergej Krylov.

A Star Rises: Seohyun Kim

Making waves as the competition’s youngest contender, Seohyun Kim (just 14 from South Korea) snatched the top honors, walking away with the first prize. But she didn’t stop there! The Youth Jury Prize? Yep, that was also pocketed by our young prodigy.

Right behind Kim, we had Raphael Nussbaumer (17, Switzerland) and Rennosuke Fukuda (23, Japan), bagging the second and third spots, respectively. And, oh! Raphael also charmed his way to the Audience Prize and the “Over-20s” Jury Prize.

Showstopper Performances

Making music history, Seohyun Kim, Rennosuke Fukuda, and Mahiro Kurasawa were handpicked for their unparalleled renditions of “Macerie (Wreckage)” by Silvia Colasanti. This piece? A world premiere, with all candidates unveiling it in the competition’s first round.

A Noteworthy Year

24 violinists, all under 26, graced the competition, setting a new benchmark in participation. Olivier Vocat, steering the Sion Violon Musique Foundation, hailed this year as an artistic marvel, admiring the unique flair and unmatched maturity of the young participants. Ending on a high, he celebrated the roaring applause these prodigies received from their vast audience.



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