Young Virtuosos Shine at Budapest’s Hubay Jenő Violin Competition

Violin Concerto

Every year, Budapest becomes a hub for young violinists under 22, showcasing their talent at the prestigious Hubay Jenő International Violin Competition. This event, initiated by renowned violinists Barnabás Kelemen and Katalin Kokas, draws participants from neighboring countries and the Visegrád Group.

Celebrating Musical Excellence in Budapest

In the heart of Hungary’s capital, Budapest, the Festival Academy Budapest organizes a remarkable event. The Hubay Jenő International Violin Competition, named after the influential violinist and educator Jenő Hubay, is an annual gathering of youthful talent. This year, on November 17, the competition kicked off with an opening speech by János Csák, the Minister of Culture and Innovation. The event took place at the Müpa Budapest, a prestigious cultural venue. The jury, comprising esteemed violinists and teachers from each participating country, dedicated their weekend to this musical extravaganza.

Leading the Jury

The jury was chaired by the world-renowned violist and conductor Maxim Rysanov. The Hungarian member was Eszter Perényi, a professor emerita and acclaimed violinist from the Liszt Academy of Music. Other jury members included Bartłomiej Tełewiak, Jozef Kopelman, Maria Spengler-Markovic, Ziga Brank, Goran Koncar, František Novotný, Vlad Raceu, and Anke Schittenhelm, representing a diverse range of European nations. Held at the Ferencvárosi Ádám Jenő Music School, the competition saw 38 talented contestants across four age groups. It was an open event, allowing visitors and enthusiasts to witness the rising stars in action.

Recognizing Young Talents

In the youngest group, participants like Virág Kiss and Anna Hingl received commendations and masterclasses. Winners in various age categories included Lin Xi, Liu Yiru, Nagy Gábor Ferenc, Laura Berec, Alexandra Djokic, Marianna Pazhik, Hsiao Tao Yuan, Natalia Szymczyk, Bojana Serovic, Jelena Horvat, Dunja Kalamir, and Székely Anna Lilla. These young musicians demonstrated exceptional skill and passion. The finalists of this competition are automatically invited to the upcoming V. Fehér Ilona International Violin Competition. This event, set for July 4-14, 2024, is already drawing global attention.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Kelemen and Kokas believe in the power of competition to inspire both students and teachers. They emphasize the importance of early exposure to competitive environments for young musicians, ensuring they receive guidance from renowned professors.



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