Striking the Right Chord: My Experience Playing the Harpsichord as a Pianist

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Ever wondered what it feels like to swap the piano for the harpsichord? Dive into the mystical world of the harpsichord and discover a tale of musical exploration. Here’s a seasoned piano player’s perspective on embracing this classical instrument, how it differs from the piano, and a glance into the times when the harpsichord was king.

The harpsichord, with its celestial timbre and historic resonance, is an instrument that had always intrigued me as a pianist. Recently, I had the opportunity to play one, and the experience was nothing short of magical.

A Different Touch: The Harpsichord Keys

The harpsichord’s keys felt alien at first touch. Unlike the piano, where you can control volume by striking keys with varying force, the harpsichord produces sound by plucking strings. The volume remains constant, giving it a unique, ornamental quality.

The Sound: A Delicate Dance of Echoes

The harpsichord’s sound is an echo from a past era. Its tone is lighter, more transparent than the piano. Notes seem to dance rather than pound. It’s a delicate voice that whispers of courts, balls, and candlelit evenings. Playing the classics on the harpsichord was enchanting. Bach and Handel felt like a different journey altogether. The music resonated, and I felt like a time traveler, moving through eras long gone.

Italian Single Manual Harpsichord,
National Museum of American History
Italian Single Manual Harpsichord
National Museum of American History

The Aesthetics: Art in Wood and Wire

The design and artwork often found on harpsichords speak of craftsmanship rarely seen today. The intricate paintings and delicate curves are a visual treat. Adapting my piano skills to the harpsichord took some getting used to. The response time, the key feel, and even the posture needed alterations. Yet, the learning curve was part of the allure.

Playing in the Past: A Glimpse into History

The harpsichord was a significant instrument from the Renaissance to the Baroque period. Musicians like Bach and Scarlatti composed specifically for it. Imagining playing it back then, in those grand courts, adds to its allure. My experience with the harpsichord was profound and educational. The harpsichord invites you to connect with music on a different plane. It’s more than playing; it’s an engagement with history, with craftsmanship, with a sound that’s simultaneously ancient and fresh.



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