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Category: Visual arts


Legacy Unveiled: Chara Schreyer’s Collection

In an art world coup, Sotheby’s announces an upcoming auction featuring exquisite pieces from Chara Schreyer’s illustrious collection, marking a new chapter in the preservation of iconic artistry.

The Scottish National Gallery Project - National Galleries of Scotland

Scottish Art Reborn: The Transformation of National Galleries

The unveiling of the new Scottish Galleries symbolizes a transformative chapter in the portrayal of Scotland’s artistic legacy, reflecting the unrelenting efforts of Sir John Leighton, the esteemed director-general of the National Galleries of Scotland, to augment the representation of historic Scottish art in Edinburgh’s National Gallery. This pivotal moment arises as Sir John Leighton anticipates his departure in 2024, leaving behind a significantly enriched platform.

astrology illustration

Vermeer’s “The Astronomer” & Our Fascination with Astrology

Johannes Vermeer’s painting “The Astronomer” opens a window into humanity’s timeless love affair with the stars. Let’s explore the artistry and symbolism behind this masterpiece, revealing our continuous fascination with astrology.