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Category: Music Through Time

baroque string orchestra playing

Tuning In: The Art of Baroque Instrument Play

Dive into the world of intricate notes and grand performances as we explore how musicians in the Baroque era fine-tuned their instruments and crafted melodies that still echo in our ears today.

London International Festival of Early Music

Celebrating 50 Years of the London International Festival of Early Music

Southeast London is once again set to host the vibrant London International Festival of Early Music. Celebrating its golden 50th edition this November, the festival promises performances, workshops, and a glimpse into the rich world of early musical instruments.

harpsichord for performance

Reviving the Harpsichord: A Harmony of Past and Present in Modern Performance

The distinctive sound of the harpsichord has made a remarkable comeback, bridging the gap between the Baroque era and today’s contemporary music scene. From Bach’s 5th Brandenburg Concerto to The Beach Boys’ “When I Grow Up to Be a Man,” the unique timbre of this instrument continues to enchant audiences.