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Category: Art & Technology

London Orchestra

Philharmonia Orchestra Joins Apple Classical

Apple Classical sets a new industry standard by welcoming the iconic Philharmonia Orchestra to its exclusive collection, promising an enriched auditory journey for classical music aficionados.

Perelman Performing Arts Center

Manhattan’s New Cultural Hub: The Perelman Performing Arts Center

Introducing a magnificent symbol of cultural rebirth and resilience, the Perelman Performing Arts Center (PAC) unfolds as a newly opened $500 million establishment, illuminating the landscape next to the 9/11 memorial in lower Manhattan. Conceived in 2003, the center marks a pivotal effort to revitalize the locale after the traumatic events of 9/11.

Théâtre du Vieux Colombier

Holophonix: Pioneering Immersive Sound Technology

Born from the collaboration between Gaëtan Byk and elite French institutions, Holophonix has not only grown into a formidable entity but is also redefining the world of immersive sound. Let’s dive into their journey and offerings.

Sheet music for music performance

The Digital Stage: Embracing the iPad in Classical Music Performance

In an era where technology touches almost every aspect of our lives, the world of classical music isn’t exempt. The debate between traditional paper sheet music and digital devices like iPads continues to be a lively topic among musicians. Here, we explore the opportunities and challenges of using an iPad in classical music stage performances.

Curtains Up Online: The New Theatre Experience

Just as Juliet asked, “What’s in a name?” we now ask, “What’s in a stage?” With COVID reshaping our lives, we’ve swapped theatre seats for couch corners, stage lights for monitor brightness, and live applause for virtual reactions. It’s the era of online theatre performances, and it brings with it a set of new experiences and challenges.