Picasso and More: Unraveling the Art Collection of Emily Fisher Landau

Pablo Picasso

A Picasso masterpiece, once cherished by New York’s own Emily Fisher Landau, is hitting the auction stage, and the stakes are high. Dive into the story of this grand sale and discover more gems from Landau’s prized collection.

The Picasso Phenomenon

Hailing from the illustrious collection of the late Emily Fisher Landau, a Picasso piece is stepping into the auction spotlight. Estimated to be worth a whopping $120 million, Sotheby’s is all set to handle this monumental sale. But that’s not all; around 120 of Landau’s treasures are up for grabs across two auctions on November 8 and 9, making it one of this year’s most anticipated art events.

More Than Just Picasso

While Picasso is undeniably the star, Landau’s collection has more hidden treasures. Art whispers were abuzz since Landau’s passing about her collection featuring a Mark Rothko from 1958, an Andy Warhol self-portrait, and pieces by contemporary artists like Agnes Martin and Glenn Ligon. These whispers became reality when Sotheby’s announced they’re hosting this legendary sale.

Expressing his excitement, Charles F. Stewart, Sotheby’s CEO, mentioned how Landau’s unmatched vision transformed galleries that proudly bear her name even today.

The Woman Behind the Collection

Who was the woman with such an eye for art? Emily Fisher Landau. A long-time trustee of the Whitney Museum of American Art, Landau didn’t just acquire art – she lived it. Interestingly, she bought the majority of her collection with money from an insurance settlement after a massive jewelry heist from her apartment. Trading jewels for art, she once remarked, “I now had seed money for a collection.” And what a collection it was! In 2010, she generously donated around 400 pieces to the museum.

Other Auction Highlights

Besides Picasso’s “Femme à la Montre,” the auction will flaunt one of Rothko’s Seagram Murals, the only one ever to go under the hammer. Then, there’s Warhol’s camouflage self-portrait, one of just two to hit the auction in the last 15 years. Both pieces carry a history and a value that collectors will undeniably find tempting.

If you’re itching for a sneak peek, the exhibition begins its journey in Dubai on September 26, making stops across global cities, and finally showcasing in New York. This auction isn’t just about art; it’s about legacy, passion, and a woman’s unparalleled love for it. So, if you’re an art buff or just someone who appreciates history and culture, this event is a can’t-miss!



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