Boundless Design: Vienna’s Stellar Showcase

Design Without Borders exhibition

From September 22 to October 5, 2023, the illustrious Vienna Design Week showcases the “Boundless Design” exhibition at Collegium Hungaricum in Vienna. The curated selection features the works of 76 creators from 14 countries, demonstrating the extensive scope and cross-disciplinary nature of design.

A Rich Tapestry of Artistry

The Vienna presentation derives from the 2022 selection and previous editions of the Boundless Design exhibition. With a history spanning 19 years, this Budapest-origin event, after its debut in Pozsony, marks its second appearance outside the Hungarian capital. Initially an independent endeavor, this project has grown tremendously, positioning itself as a pivotal design and multi-artistic event in the region.

Design Without Boundaries

The title “Boundless Design” alludes to the exhibition’s international spirit, regional dialogues, and European unity. It emphasizes interconnectedness across art forms, encouraging intergenerational conversations. The organizers aim to present an expanded understanding of design, emphasizing innovation and a creative mindset.

The exhibition highlights the DWB VLOG, showcasing 154 short films, developed as an international response to the pandemic-interrupted exhibitions planned for 2021 in Pozsony and Vienna. Notably, 2022 marked the International Year of Glass, offering visitors in Vienna a glimpse into this theme.

Celebrating György Ligeti

Titled “Boundless Design – Reflections”, an upcoming exhibit at FUGA Budapest Architecture Center from October 12 to November 26, 2023. It will celebrate the centenary of renowned composer, György Ligeti. A significant segment will be dedicated to Ligeti’s 11-piece piano cycle, “Musica ricercata”, with a summary video and two pieces from the series on display.

For further details about the exhibition, click here.

Sponsors and Collaborators: The main sponsor is the International Visegrád Fund, Collegium Hungaricum Vienna, and various esteemed institutions.

This exhibition is part of Vienna Design Week and the 20th anniversary series of Boundless Design.



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