Golden Glimpses: Venice Film Fest 2023 Recap

Poor Things wins this year's Golden Lion - Copyright Venice Film Festival

The 2023 Venice Film Festival was a grand affair, with Yorgos Lanthimos’ “Poor Things” taking center stage.

Yorgos’ Golden Moment

Yorgos Lanthimos’ sci-fi black comedy “Poor Things” clinched the coveted Golden Lion for best film. Receiving a sea of applause and rave reviews at its Lido debut, Lanthimos took to the stage with heartfelt gratitude. “A massive shoutout to the festival, the jury, and my powerhouse team,” the Greek filmmaker enthused. He didn’t miss mentioning Emma Stone, the heart of the movie, and the reason Bella Baxter, the character, came alive. “This film? It’s all Emma,” Lanthimos gushed.

Beyond the Awards

It wasn’t just about the trophies. Lanthimos addressed the burning issues of the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes. Expressing hope for a resolution, he hinted at the absence of key cast members, like Emma Stone, due to the strikes. Peter Sarsgaard, bagging the Volpi Cup for best actor, gave a riveting speech, pinpointing concerns with AI’s growing influence and the essential humanity of actors. “We need to keep the ‘human’ in ‘humanity’,” he passionately exclaimed.

Other Show-Stealers

The festival spotlight shone brightly on several other films and personalities. Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s “Evil Does Not Exist” was decorated with the Silver Lion Grand Jury prize. Agnieszka Holland’s “Green Border” clinched the Special Jury Prize, casting a light on the migrant situation at the Belarus-EU border. And let’s not forget the dazzling Italian win – Matteo Garrone took home best director for “Io Capitano,” dedicating it to the people of Morocco after the heartbreaking earthquake.

The night wrapped with dazzling performances and heartfelt speeches, but not before celebrating other remarkable works of art. Lifetime achievements, innovative concepts, and new cinematic adventures were all part of this grand cinematic fest.



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