NY Philharmonic’s Journey to China This Summer


A Historic Musical Journey Begins

This June, the iconic New York Philharmonic (NY Phil) prepares for a landmark event. They will be the first full American orchestra to tour mainland China since the global pause caused by COVID-19. From June 27 to July 7, 2024, the NY Phil will visit Guangzhou, Nanjing, and Shanghai. This isn’t just a tour; it’s a bridge reconnecting cultural ties through the universal language of music.

The Musical Lineup

The orchestra plans to enchant audiences with masterpieces from Brahms, Copland, and Mozart. These performances will not only showcase the rich heritage of Western classical music but also highlight the talents of the NY Phil musicians under the baton of Jaap van Zweden, their esteemed conductor.

Adding a contemporary touch, the tour will feature the Chinese premiere of Nina Shekhar’s “Lumina”. This piece, known for its vibrant and captivating melody, promises to be a standout. Furthermore, the program includes selections from Mahler’s “Des Knaben Wunderhorn”, featuring the world-renowned baritone, Thomas Hampson.

Educational Outreach

A significant aspect of the NY Phil’s visit involves educational outreach. In partnership with the Shanghai Orchestral Academy, NY Phil musicians will engage directly with students. They will conduct masterclasses, offer lessons, and even participate in a side-by-side rehearsal. This collaboration culminates in a joint celebration concert on July 7, symbolizing the unity and learning shared between the two cultures.

Building Cultural Bridges

Gary Ginstling, President and CEO of the New York Philharmonic, expresses pride in this initiative. “As we plan our return to China, it’s an honor to serve as American cultural ambassadors,” he states. This tour builds upon decades of cultural exchanges and aims to strengthen these bonds further.

The involvement with the Shanghai Orchestra Academy is particularly poignant. As musicians from different backgrounds share stages and classrooms, they forge connections that resonate beyond mere performances. It’s about inspiring and being inspired.

A Farewell Note

This tour also holds emotional significance as it marks one of the final international appearances with Jaap van Zweden as Music Director. His leadership has been pivotal, and his farewell performances are expected to be particularly moving, leaving lasting impressions on international and local audiences alike.

Music Without Borders

As the NY Phil prepares for this historic tour, the excitement is palpable. The power of music to connect cultures, especially after years of global disconnect, is a testament to its enduring appeal and capacity to heal. This tour isn’t just about notes and rhythms; it’s about rekindling old connections and creating new ones in a world that deeply needs them.



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