BIS Records Joins Apple: A New Era for Classical Music

Apple Music Classical -BIS Records

Apple is taking giant leaps in the world of classical music. Their latest move? Bringing BIS Records under their banner, a celebrated classical music label with a rich history.

Apple Broadens Its Classical Horizons

Apple Music, with its vast array of genres, has been a favorite amongst the youth for its trendy beats and the latest hits. But now, it’s sending waves through the classical music world. With their dedicated Classical section, Apple aims to become the go-to destination for classical aficionados. Furthermore this commitment recently amplified with their acquisition of a renowned name in the field.

BIS Records isn’t just another label. It’s an institution that was founded back in 1973 in Sweden. As it gears up to celebrate its golden jubilee, the label stands tall with an impressive catalog, boasting over 1,500 pieces. Over the decades, BIS Records has garnered immense respect for its specialization in promoting young talents and pioneering contemporary composers.

The Future of BIS Records with Apple

While the specifics of the deal remain under wraps, the acquisition promises exciting developments. Apple Classical is set to incorporate the vast BIS catalog into its offerings. But what about the heart and soul of BIS? The good news is, the entire BIS team, including its visionary founder, Robert von Bahr, will continue to function and shape its destiny.

Robert von Bahr articulately shared his perspective, “Finding a way to safeguard our esteemed history was paramount. We sought a partner who could elevate our vision and provide a more expansive global stage for introducing classical music to fresh audiences worldwide. Apple stands out as the ideal ally for pioneering the future, blending classical music seamlessly with tech.”

Apple Music Classical’s Unique Experience

Launched in March, the Classical app is a gem for Apple Music subscribers. Offering listeners a rich classical catalog without any added costs. However, it’s intriguing that it’s exclusively available on iPhone and Android devices. This app not only offers a vast range of classical compositions but is also uniquely designed to ensure a seamless user experience.

Finally with BIS Records under its wing, Apple is poised to redefine the classical music experience for its young audience. It’s a blend of heritage and modernity, and only time will tell how this amalgamation will shape the future of classical music in the digital age.



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