Holographic Harmony: Geneva’s Revolutionary Concert

Orchestra de la Suisse Romande

Get ready for a musical spectacle like no other! Geneva’s esteemed Orchestre de la Suisse Romande (OSR) is set to present its first-ever hologram symphony concert. This groundbreaking event, featuring Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition,” will be a blend of classical music and cutting-edge technology.

A Symphony of the Future

In January 2024, the OSR, a 73-member orchestra, will grace the stage at the 12th artgenève fair. This isn’t just any concert. It’s the first of its kind, combining the grandeur of a symphony with the marvels of holographic technology.

Collaboration and Innovation

The OSR teamed up with Cybel’Art to make this dream a reality. Picture this: the orchestra, led by conductor Ana María Patiño-Osorio, surrounded by green screens. Every bow movement, every nuanced facial expression, even the silences – all captured through Icologram® technology. This innovative method, developed by Cybel’Art in 2019, is truly bringing music to life.

A Legacy of Pioneering

The OSR is no stranger to being a trendsetter. Remember back in 1954? They made history with the first symphonic stereophonic recording under Ernest Ansermet, their founder. Now, they’re at it again, 70 years later, pushing the boundaries of how we experience music.

Educational Ventures

But wait, there’s more! The hologram footage, recorded in September 2023, isn’t just for the concert. The OSR plans to use it for an online teaching module. Imagine interacting with the orchestra from your own home! They’re even exploring a virtual reality app. Talk about bringing the symphony to your living room!



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