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Tag: Johann Sebastian Bach


Composing for the Stage: The Rise of Musical Biodramas

As the curtains rise on Oliver Cotton’s “The Score”, the theatric world once again finds itself enthralled by the tales of legendary composers. Bach’s faceoff with Frederick II joins the list of plays spotlighting the lives of musical masters, revealing the rich tapestry of stories waiting to be retold.

Sir John Eliot Gardiner

Sir John Eliot Gardiner Steps Back

Esteemed British conductor Sir John Eliot Gardiner, facing recent scrutiny for a backstage altercation with a fellow musician, has chosen to recede from the limelight, canceling all 2023 concert appearances.

Viola d'amore Vivaldi

The Enigmatic Viola d’amore: Rediscovering Its Charm

Once a prized instrument of Baroque composers, the viola d’amore is a beautiful enigma of musical history. Let’s dive into its captivating world, from Vivaldi’s compositions to its modern revival.

harpsichord for performance

Reviving the Harpsichord: A Harmony of Past and Present in Modern Performance

The distinctive sound of the harpsichord has made a remarkable comeback, bridging the gap between the Baroque era and today’s contemporary music scene. From Bach’s 5th Brandenburg Concerto to The Beach Boys’ “When I Grow Up to Be a Man,” the unique timbre of this instrument continues to enchant audiences.

Mother placing piano with her child

The Magic of Mozart and Bach: Why Kids Should Tune Into Classical Music

Have you ever noticed the hypnotic trance kids go into when they hear the twinkling intro of a popular cartoon theme? Imagine if we could harness this rapt attention for something timeless and profound, like the symphonies of Mozart or the concertos of Bach. Far from a stuffy old relic, classical music could be a catalyst for our children’s cognitive and creative development.

Old Coffee House

Beethoven’s Brew: 60 Beans, No More, No Less

A steaming cup of coffee, a daily ritual for millions, may seem an odd companion to the image of Ludwig van Beethoven, the passionate composer of iconic symphonies.