Holophonix: Pioneering Immersive Sound Technology

Théâtre du Vieux Colombier

Born from the collaboration between Gaëtan Byk and elite French institutions, Holophonix has not only grown into a formidable entity but is also redefining the world of immersive sound. Let’s dive into their journey and offerings.

Holophonix’s Genesis

Back in 2017, with the support of renowned institutions like CNRS and IRCAM, Gaëtan Byk set the foundation for what would become a trailblazer in immersive audio – Holophonix. Today, standing independently and boasting a capital stock of 3.99m euros, the company is on the brink of further growth and product evolution.

Transforming Live Performances

Holophonix’s groundbreaking technology offers more than just sound; it promises an experience. Moving beyond the traditional monophonic or stereophonic formats, it introduces audiences to a heightened dimension of sound. In Gaëtan Byk’s words, “We aim to transform the live performance experience with an enhanced auditory dimension.”

And they aren’t just words. Over the past five years, nearly two million spectators have been immersed in the unique Holophonix sound. From theatrical projects to cultural institutions, their technology is the choice of many.

A Global Footprint

It’s not just France that’s humming to Holophonix’s tune. Their technology graces prestigious venues like Beijing Stadium in China, ETH Zurich in Switzerland, and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, among others. Closer to home, they’ve marked their presence at significant events and venues like the Avignon Festival and the Grand Auditorium of the French National Library.

With success comes responsibility, and Holophonix is up for the challenge. Driven by the overwhelming demand for their immersive audio solution, the brand is committed to meeting and exceeding expectations.

Recent Ventures and Visions

Holophonix is not resting on its laurels. In 2022, they unveiled the Holophonix Native – a macOS software solution, allowing immersive sound creation on Apple devices. They also introduced two immersive hardware sound processors, receiving nearly 40 orders post their showcase at the Integrated Systems Europe trade show.

Further demonstrating their commitment to innovation, they’ve embarked on the “Continuum” project. This ambitious three-year R&D initiative, supported by a 1.2m Euro budget, collaborates with IRCAM, Amadeus, and VRTUOZ. All these, under the promising shadow of the France 2030 programme.



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