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Tag: Theatre

San Francisco Ballet

San Francisco Ballet’s Historic $60 Million Gift

An anonymous benefactor has donated a staggering $60 million to the San Francisco Ballet (SFB), marking the largest single contribution in the company’s near-century history.

National Theater "Lucian Blaga"

Cultural Revival of Cluj-Napoca: Restoring the Grandeur of Arts

Cluj-Napoca, a beacon of cultural splendor in Romania, is poised to witness the renaissance of its historic National Theater “Lucian Blaga” and the Romanian National Opera. Backed by a significant EUR 20 million investment from the Development Bank of the Council of Europe, these emblematic institutions will soon reclaim their former glory.

Théâtre du Vieux Colombier

Holophonix: Pioneering Immersive Sound Technology

Born from the collaboration between Gaëtan Byk and elite French institutions, Holophonix has not only grown into a formidable entity but is also redefining the world of immersive sound. Let’s dive into their journey and offerings.