Apple Music Classical: Now on iPad with Cool New Features

apple music classical

Great news for classical music enthusiasts: Apple Music Classical is now available on the iPad! The iPhone-exclusive app has broadened its horizons with the latest update, version 1.1. This isn’t just a simple expansion; it’s a significant enhancement designed specifically for the iPad’s larger display.

Tailored Design for Enhanced Experience

The update introduces a fresh design optimized for the iPad’s screen size. Users will find navigating through the app more intuitive, thanks to a new navigation sidebar and a media controls toolbar. These additions make exploring and enjoying classical music on the iPad both convenient and enjoyable.

Access to an Extensive Music Library

The Apple Music Classical app is part of the standard Apple Music subscription, offering users access to an impressive collection of over five million soundtracks. This vast library caters to a wide range of preferences within the realm of classical music.

In-Depth Metadata and Curated Content

One of the app’s unique features is its focus on providing extensive metadata for recordings. This includes comprehensive details about composers, insightful editorial notes, and a deeper exploration of various classical music genres. This level of detail will appeal to both avid classical music fans and newcomers alike.

Expertly Curated Playlists and Recommendations

The app also excels in offering refined search options, expertly curated playlists, and tailored recommendations. These features are designed to enhance the listening experience, whether one is seeking familiar classics or new discoveries.

Continuous Internet Connection Required

It’s important to note that the app requires an always-on internet connection for streaming. While this means songs are not available for offline listening, the trade-off is the ability to stream in high-quality, up to 192kHz Hi-Res lossless audio.

Broader Accessibility with the Latest Update

The version 1.1 update marks the first significant enhancement since the app’s initial release in May. Prior updates primarily focused on bug fixes. With this latest release, Apple Music Classical extends its reach beyond the iPhone, now accommodating iPad users, and also extends support to Android platforms.

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The expansion of Apple Music Classical to the iPad, along with its updated features, represents a significant step forward in accessing and enjoying classical music. It’s a fusion of technology and tradition, bringing the timeless beauty of classical music to a modern, digital platform.



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