VOCES8 Foundation Unveils Lyyra: The Fresh Face of Women’s A Cappella

The VOCES8 Foundation has just launched Lyyra, a trailblazing six-voice women’s a cappella ensemble. With their debut single out and a premiere performance under their belts, they’re set to dazzle the US with their unique sound. Let’s dive into what makes Lyyra stand out in the music world.

The Birth of Lyyra

Imagine six voices blending in perfect harmony, creating a sound that’s both fresh and timeless. That’s Lyyra for you. Launched by the VOCES8 Foundation, Lyyra is making waves with its unique lineup and diverse music styles. Their journey from global auditions to their first recording is a testament to their talent and dedication.

A Debut to Remember

Lyyra’s first single, “When The Earth Stands Still,” is just a taste of what’s to come. Their debut EP, More Love, promises more enchanting melodies. With a mix of classical, jazz, pop, and folk, they’re not just an a cappella group; they’re musical innovators.

A Name with Meaning

Lyyra is named after the lyre of Orpheus, symbolizing the power of music. Each member brings her own flair, making Lyyra a mosaic of musical traditions. This ensemble isn’t just about beautiful voices; it’s about storytelling through music.

The Ensemble’s Heart

The six remarkable women of Lyyra—MaryRuth, Anna, Shabnam, Elizabeth, Aryssa Leigh, and Deborah—are the soul of the group. Managed by the talented team at the VOCES8 Foundation, they’re on a mission to inspire and entertain.

A Bright Future Ahead

With their US tour on the horizon, Lyyra is ready to bring their harmonies to new audiences. Their debut performance in Houston was just the beginning. Lyyra is not just a group; it’s a movement towards more love and unity through music.

Why Lyyra Matters

In today’s world, music like Lyyra’s connects us. It reminds us of our shared humanity and the beauty in diversity. The VOCES8 Foundation’s launch of Lyyra is a step towards a more inclusive and harmonious world.



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