Milan’s Iconic Opera House Welcomes New Leadership

Big changes are afoot at Milan’s prestigious La Scala Opera House. Fortunato Ortombina, currently at the helm of Venice’s Teatro La Fenice, is set to take over. Let’s dive into what this means for one of the world’s leading cultural landmarks.

A New Maestro in Town

Milan’s La Scala, a beacon of the opera world, is turning a new leaf. According to Corriere della Sera, Fortunato Ortombina is stepping in to lead, replacing Dominique Meyer. This transition marks a significant moment for the historic opera house.

Behind this change is a 2023 government reform. It puts an age cap on certain roles, impacting Meyer, who will turn 70 in 2025. Ortombina, with his rich background in the arts, is ready to bring fresh ideas to the stage.

From Venice to Milan

Ortombina is no stranger to the opera scene. His journey has taken him from coordinating La Scala’s artistic direction to leading Teatro La Fenice. His experiences promise innovative performances for La Scala’s future.

Founded in 1778, La Scala stands as a pillar of neoclassical beauty. Designed by Giuseppe Piermarini, it opened with Antonio Salieri’s opera, marking the beginning of its storied history.

With Ortombina at the helm, what’s next for La Scala? Expectations are high. Fans and performers alike are eager to see how he’ll merge tradition with innovation.



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