San Francisco Ballet’s Historic $60 Million Gift

San Francisco Ballet

An anonymous benefactor has donated a staggering $60 million to the San Francisco Ballet (SFB), marking the largest single contribution in the company’s near-century history. This monumental gift sets a new benchmark not just for SFB but for American ballet, promising a future where innovation and artistic exploration take center stage.

A Historic Moment for Ballet

Imagine the buzz at the San Francisco Ballet headquarters when news broke of a $60 million donation, the likes of which the company had never seen in its 91-year history. This isn’t just a big deal; it’s historic, making waves far beyond the Bay Area and setting a precedent for philanthropy in the arts.

Fueling Future Masterpieces

Under the visionary guidance of Artistic Director Tamara Rojo, SFB has embarked on a journey to redefine ballet for the 21st century. Recent world premieres, like the evocative ‘Mere Mortals’ and a fresh take on ‘Carmen,’ showcase just the tip of the iceberg. With $50 million earmarked for the endowment, SFB is gearing up to not only create but also acquire new masterpieces that will enchant audiences for years to come.

The remaining $10 million is a commitment to the immediate future, promising several seasons filled with daring and breathtaking performances. It’s a clear message: the stage is set for revolution.

Creation House: A Nursery for Innovation

The introduction of Creation House is another feather in SFB’s cap. This innovative initiative offers residencies, labs, and educational programs focused squarely on nurturing new choreographic talents. It’s a bold step towards securing the future of ballet as a dynamic and evolving art form.

A Vision for the Future

Tamara Rojo’s enthusiasm is contagious. “This exceptional generosity propels us towards our dream of making ballet accessible to new audiences, expanding our repertoire, and reimagining what ballet can be,” she shares. This gift isn’t just a financial boost; it’s a vote of confidence in Rojo’s daring vision for SFB.

Board chair Alison Mauzé echoes this sentiment, highlighting the gift’s role in enabling SFB to serve the local community and dance lovers globally by prioritizing new work development and enriching the cultural landscape of the Bay Area.



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